Critics say officials are ignoring the potential threat to wildlife and the environment.
A small coastal town in Louisiana is bearing the brunt of climate change. The ever-present threat of hurricane flood waters means the inhabitants of Jean Lafitte could be forced from their homes forever.
Any early memories of cooking? When I think back to my earliest memories of cooking, I think about grilling burgers with
As for what's next for Fox, she wants to continue an investigation of American subcultures, and is "fascinated by a community
The city of Houston, long known for jam-packed freeways and an ambitious skyline, is returning to its bayou roots -- thanks to a skillful landscape restoration by SWA.
by Sergio Fernandez. From the origins of jambalaya, to the correct pronunciation of "beignets" and the real difference between
Environment investigations in your inbox: Sign up for The Center for Public Integrity's Watchdog email 'Keep Out' signs where
On closer inspection, not only did Bertha turn out to be male, he also was a whopper, tipping the scales at nearly 1,000
Jay Paul jumped into the water to grab it by the leg and pull it onto the boat, but it was too heavy. As R.J. went to help
"Swamp People" continues on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on History. The fearsome gator had chased all the others out of