BB cream

Finding a face base you love can make you pretty happy, but feeling good naked brings a deeper and truer happiness. It's ok to be flawed, and you should certainly never feel the need to apologize for it.
There are anti-aging treatments on the market for your face, neck, hands and feet, and now a new beauty product is here to
We'll admit it -- we sometimes get confused with the ABCs of beauty. (We're still saying WTF to EE creams.) But, if you're
Having recently gotten married, Fenster is taking a break from piling on makeup and is instead sticking to the basics. She
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One of the things I love most about being in the beauty industry is that it really is the best blend of art and science. It's essential to evolve, and be completely engaged with the global beauty scene.
Every girl can benefit from a pared-back approach to makeup during the summer months. It can be difficult to abandon your go-to makeup statement, so here are my tips for downsizing.
Tinted lip balm Bleeding lipstick is the worst, and in the summer heat you can almost guarantee that you'll resemble The
With only nude lipstick, neutral eye shadows and subtle blush to highlight the face, a bride's skin is the star of the show this season. To glow like the Elie Saab, Marchesa and Vera Wang bridal beauties, follow this four-step skin routine in the weeks before your wedding day.
I stood back as several of the women asked her to repeat the name of the product while they furiously typed it into their phones. I had to put an end to this madness. "Um, did your BB Cream replace your other skincare steps?" I couldn't let these ladies drink the BB Cream Kool-Aid.
With all the makeup tips out there, it can be surprisingly difficult to learn the basics that everyone seems to already understand
If you flip through any women's magazine, you can't help but notice the different ads for BB creams. But what is BB cream?
Cover up the rest: A hard-working concealer will get you far on mornings like these. To battle redness, look for formulas
Steamy subway cars, freak monsoon-like rain showers, air so thick you can feel it. Summer isn't always easy breezy. While