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Most people around the world ― including U.S. ― are not zealous nationalists.
If you're a techie in Silicon Valley today, chances are you have a six figure salary and a comfortable living situation. But what if you don't work in tech? What's it like being in Silicon Valley when you have to struggle to make ends meet and you see 20-year-olds with million dollar mansions?
Yesterday, I was invited to join the live BBC World Service show, Business Matters to discuss Apple's green manifesto and its rivalry with Samsung. I was interviewed by the BBC's talented Manuela Saragosa. Here's a transcript of the highlights.
BBC Trust chairman Chris Patten has vowed to try and protect the World Service from spending cuts, possibly at the expense
If respondents came from Western Europe, for example, they most likely agreed that innovation and creativity were valued
"After a year, it appears the 'Obama effect' is real" said Steven Kull director Program on International Policy Attitudes