The annual BCS snafu has nothing on the Fox News debate plan.
What if the committee said to FSU... at least for this one week, "No you won't be our top team, or even our bottom team. We are going to leave you out of the rankings all together."
The trailer shows Saul Goodman, aka actor Bob Odenkirk, trying to sweet talk a possible client by comparing lawyers to health
Some people have accused college football coaches of being overpaid, youth labor extortionists. But to make an informed assessment, several key factors should be understood about the college football coaching profession.
The BCS probably couldn't have picked a better year to call it quits, and now college football gets the facelift we've all been waiting for -- or so it appears. As we head toward the College Football Playoff, everyone gets a fair chance, right?
(H/T Extra Mustard) How incredible is it that Deckerhoff can keep his focus on the play when his own partner and others in
He wasn't wrong. Alabama coach Nick Saban, a guest analyst on ESPN for the game, predicted that the Tigers would need to
In arguably the most surprising upset of the season, unranked Utah sealed a stunning win over No. 5 Stanford with a goal
Your college team may have battled its way into a top bowl game, but are its fans die-hard enough to fly in for the match-up?
Auburn coach Gus Malzahn didn't need to wait for Florida State and Ohio State to play to weigh in on his team's BCS chances