be best

The first lady wanted to celebrate her "Be Best" campaign, but Twitter users said, "Be gone."
At the Republican Convention, the first lady called on Americans to "cherish one another" in a rallying cry for Trump, one of the highest-profile bullies in the world.
People on Twitter pointed out President Donald Trump's completely unhealthy online behavior.
"She’s STILL talking about this? I assumed this initiative had been abandoned — for obvious reasons," one person fired back on Twitter.
First lady Melania Trump has vowed to protect children everywhere, but it seems she may have forgotten about the ones at the U.S.-Mexico border.
"How many toothbrushes, soap and blankets can you buy if you sell a pair of Louboutins? Be Best!"
Critics call out the first lady for marking the first anniversary of her anti-bullying campaign without addressing the president's behavior.
The first lady's program has generated perpetual mockery because of the cyberbully-in-chief.
Twitter users mock the first lady's "Be Best" ornaments.
The first lady has been ridiculed for her stand, she said at a conference -- a week after President Trump berated black women journalists for doing their jobs.