beach body

Sometimes building self esteem means breaking down barriers.
Your body is perfect, just as it is. You don't need to lose weight, or tighten up your tummy, or pop out your butt in order to have a perfect beach body. You already have the perfect beach body. You are divine, feminine perfection.
Hit the waves in whatever physical form you happen to take.
Starting in a lunge position with one foot forward and one foot back. Be sure to have your legs wide as if to be standing
Just because you're off from work doesn't mean your body is on break too, especially if you're going to the beach.
This summer I have decided to let the bikini waistband inch down a little. I let another centimeter show and when the world doesn't rock off its axis, I allow another. To be clear, it's not some deliberate, political striptease in the name of body positivity.
Since then, critics have spoken out against the sexist nature of the promotions. Some have even taken matters into their
My first week aboard the Healthy Express goes relatively well. I go to the grocery store and eschew all delicious desserts and salty snacks, opting instead for celery and fat-free yogurt. In the cereal aisle, I put down the Fruit Loops and pick up the Fiber One.