beach body

Sometimes building self esteem means breaking down barriers.
Your body is perfect, just as it is. You don't need to lose weight, or tighten up your tummy, or pop out your butt in order to have a perfect beach body. You already have the perfect beach body. You are divine, feminine perfection.
Here are two approaches to this program: Starting in push-up position, either on the toes or knees, activate your core and
Just because you're off from work doesn't mean your body is on break too, especially if you're going to the beach.
This summer I have decided to let the bikini waistband inch down a little. I let another centimeter show and when the world doesn't rock off its axis, I allow another. To be clear, it's not some deliberate, political striptease in the name of body positivity.
Yes we are Posted by Eachbodysready on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 Lorna is more than ready thank you kindly! Posted by Eachbodysready
My first week aboard the Healthy Express goes relatively well. I go to the grocery store and eschew all delicious desserts and salty snacks, opting instead for celery and fat-free yogurt. In the cereal aisle, I put down the Fruit Loops and pick up the Fiber One.
You told your friend it was nice to see someone like me buy vegetables "for a change." You know, because you have been shopping with me before to see what I buy. You also made the assumption that I do not care about my health.
It's that time of year for barbecues, beach days and bikinis! With the holiday weekend just around the corner, we look for last minute ways to shape up. This full-proof plan will whittle the waist, strengthen the muscles and boost your metabolism.
I want to fill you in on a little secret that you may have forgotten between pomegranate and plyometrics: You already have a beach body. Believe it or not, you're in it right now.
There's a simple way to tell if you're ready to hit the beach... Repeat after us: All you need to have a "bikini body" is
Summer is right around the corner, which usually means a greater focus on tightening up our tummies and getting ready to
In the words of XOJane blogger Leslie Kinzel, "“I have a beach body. It’s this one, the one I take to the beach.” So try
Size-18 fashion blogger Gabi Gregg started the "fatkini" gallery last year when she posted a photo of herself (looking fabulous
"Lock up those privacy settings even tighter!" Katie Baker at Jezebel advises. We think that sounds like pretty solid advice
Pooja Mottl is inspiring a contemporary and integrated approach to healthy living in America. Pooja seeks to give individuals
Problem solved! Fitness guru Pooja Mottl shows us three simple moves that can be done, anywhere, anytime by anyone. Tune