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Hopefully you still have at least a few more beach trips planned for the summer, and what better way to enjoy the salt, sea
Excited about Bad Moms the Movie? Sure it will be fun to watch some fictional moms onscreen throw caution, and acceptable standards of behavior, to the wind. But why limit your living vicariously to two hours in a movie theatre? Curl up in a chaise lounge pool or beachside and continue the adventure. Here are five books to grab for your August vacation that will entertain you with tales of motherhood gone off the rails.
Get swept away by one of these three juicy reads.
Don't get me wrong -- there's nothing wrong with the wilder side of romance. If that's your thing, go for it. But it's not
So many books, so few hours at the beach! Get your summer reading on with these 10 great novels that will take you near and far, from the present to the past. Don't forget the sunscreen!
What does it mean to make amends? In Jane Green's latest novel, Summer Secrets, we follow Cat, a London journalist and recovering alcoholic on her journey through the twelve steps, which ultimately leads her to lovely beaches of Nantucket.
Let Me Explain You by Annie Liontas Let’s say you need a few laughs on your vacation -- isn’t that what vacations are all
We have selected these five books as our Top Summer Beach Reads of 2015.
Grab a book for the road, tuck one in your kid's backpack for camp or pop a beach read in with the sunscreen. Wherever you go, bring one of these great summer reads for kids. Check out our picks for June.
As the summer season heats up, some people like to take a dip into the ocean or the pools, others like to dip into their summer reading. Here are some titles to get you started whether you are at the beach or just wish you were.
Better than turtle doves or maids-a-milking, these 12 books will satisfy everyone on your list from the reader who digs a great beach read to the one who is (lovably) meticulous.
All summer books are not created equal, and neither are the beaches we read them on.
It's only mid-summer, which means there's still plenty of time to get in a good beach read. Enter Dahlia Adler's Behind The Scenes: It's funny, contemporary, and also extremely heartfelt.
-- Elisabeth Witchel -- Elisabeth Witchel The Vacationers The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing By Mira Jacob 512 pages; Random
Most travel trends (Napwrap, anyone?) have us raising an eyebrow, but this is one we can definitely get onboard with. What's