CBS News' recent exposure of waste of your and my tax dollars on a cruel experiment designed in such a way as to be ineffective
The note quickly went viral with more than 1,500 shares from Distinction Magazine's website, alone. It's since been revealed
Most dogs will pounce at the potential of a food scrap dropping from the dinner table. Sid the beagle is not most dogs. This
Obviously I had known she wouldn't last forever, but before this I thought we had a few more years together. It was a rough few months, coming to terms with her imminent mortality.
Slovakia is home to a brand new breed of dog: the Tatras Hound. It took over two years to perfect this new breed of adorable pup and it joins the ranks of some other amazing hybrid breeds.
Prepare yourself for the oddest handshake ever: between a lemon beagle and a robot spider. In this short from Maymo The Lemon
Who's psyched about the World Cup and is a very good boy? Purin the super beagle! Watch this unbelievably adorable and talented
Maymo, the lemon beagle, and his little sister Penny are up to no good... again. Their owners could be barking mad, but instead
Did this dog just see that part in The Lion King when Mufasa fell off the cliff? Via Jonathan Nemargut
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