Burbank police said the furry intruder was “beating the heat.”
The 64-year-old punched a bear and was bitten after the animal chased her dog out of the woods.
The bear was a "respectful house guest," the homeowner said.
The bear roared and ran, too, in a moment captured on camera at a West Virginia elementary school and now making the rounds on social media.
Experts are angry about an Alberta zoo's video of a bear being hand fed ice cream at Dairy Queen.
A black bear nicknamed Hank was wrongfully accused of at least some home break-ins in South Lake Tahoe, California.
It was hard to bear, but the bear was able to drink and eat.
The bears’ school playground outing in Asheville, North Carolina, earned an A for adorable from the teachers watching.
The bear was seen roaming the aisles of a Ralphs supermarket, much to the surprise of shoppers.