Bears Ears National Monument

Most of the mineral rights are being eyed by a Canadian copper mining firm. But there's other interest.
The company has entered into an agreement to purchase mineral rights to a former copper mine site within the original boundary of Grand Staircase-Escalante.
“Essentially, barring a surprise, there is no new information that’s going to be submitted,” an agency official said.
Obtaining mineral rights is easy through America's antiquated system. Doing anything with them is hard.
The new Bears Ears National Monument boundary strips protections for approximately three-fourths of known archaeological treasures.
“I will probably spend the rest of my career working on this site," said paleontologist Robert Gay.
Supporters of Bears Ears see Trump’s rollback of protected land as “tragic.” Others say it didn’t go far enough.
“Losing Bears Ears to a cloud of industrial smoke from extraction and mining does not keep that preservation of life for us,” said one Navajo woman.
In December, President Donald Trump cut more than 2 million acres from a pair of protected Utah sites.
Tribal leaders view Rep. John Curtis' bill on Bears Ears as another "shameful" attack on sovereignty.
Downey Magallanes, a top aide of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, met with senior officials of her father's longtime employer, Peabody Energy, in June.
The company dismissed criticism for manufacturing overseas and called out White House ties to a uranium mining company.
I believe that in the long run, many of the Trump Administration’s policies will be reversed since they do not reflect mainstream
An energy firm's lobbying team was led by Trump's incoming EPA deputy secretary.
Donald Trump considers himself exceptional and, on this one thing, he’s absolutely correct. His gift for unprincipled pandering