"He's picked up something naturally," the singer said.
Next time you're standing on the street corner watching a beatboxer just picture the beautiful symphony of flapping flesh happening inside their mouth.
Beatboxing has historically been an art form dominated by men, but as Kaila Mullady proves, women make just as awesome human
At the 1:25 mark, the harmonica player stuns us once again but this time for another reason. Greenough urges the people who
We've often been inspired by the moves of elderly folks who prove you're never too old to get up and dance. Our all-time
No, that's not the setup for a cheesy joke; the cellist-beatboxer collaboration actually happened, and the impromptu performance
If you don’t already know who Kawehi Wight is, let us tell you: She’s winning the DIY music game. The prolific Kansas-based