We may assume that friendship flows like water, but like boulders in a natural spring, friendship can hit tough spots. These
"He picked her up by her hair and 'began slamming her head and the right side of her body repeatedly against a brick wall
According to Lamar, his Ropes are the first Bluetooth earbuds with a built-in EQ and EQ smartphone app which allows for the
I recently had the chance to attend the Northside Festival in Brooklyn. There were talks about technology and content during the day and events at night. I attended a block party in Mccarren Park where hip-hop legend Grand Master Flash was the headlining act. Although I was super excited to witness one of the founding members of hip-hop in action, I was also very interested to check out his opening acts: Radamiz, I.O.D and Kweku Collins.
Joan Brown: Presence Known 1275 Minnesota Street Anglim Gilbert Gallery May 18-July 2, 2016
Her poetry is deceptively simple: lines might seem, at first, tossed-off when in fact they're precisely chiseled. All too often, taste-makers focus on obvious disruptors without acknowledging quiet revolutions taking place.
She came to town in the 70s. Her college years were spent obsessed with utopias while working on a business degree to please