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Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland believed the White House meeting sought by Ukrainian President Zelensky depended on an agreement to open a Biden probe, according to his attorney.
Biden trumpeted a fight for the "soul of the nation." The Mooch said he's still a Republican, and is searching for a GOP candidate to challenge Trump, who has "lost his mind."
During a rally in Orlando, Florida, he made fun of Biden's promise to cure cancer, either not knowing or caring that the former VP's son died of the disease.
The former vice president and the co-host shared a powerful moment discussing her father’s brain cancer diagnosis.
"It is my connection with him," the former vice president told Megyn Kelly Monday.
Joe Biden says he’s not not running for President in 2020.
And, no, he still hasn't said whether he will run for president.
In a speech Friday, he also opened up about the mistakes Democrats made in the 2016 campaign.
“Folks, there’s one bipartisan thing left in America: Cancer. Not a joke," he told a ceremony honoring his work to accelerate research into the disease.