Beau Willimon

Beau Willimon argues the president's tweets pose "a national security threat."
La Grenouille experienced a British invasion yesterday for a lunch celebrating the film Far From the Madding Crowd, based on Thomas Hardy's beloved 19th century novel.
4. We finally saw Frank & Claire have sex ... but it wasn't about sex "In that scene Frank is perhaps the most vulnerable
Sprinkling his talk with the "F" word, Kevin Spacey recounted the wellworn story of how his idol Jack Lemmon encouraged him
Willimon said he included Brown in the script to “add another layer of authenticity to the character.” “I went through a
Beau Willimon, the creator of Netflix's "House of Cards" tweeted out over the weekend that while the rest of us were busy
All photos courtesy of Henry DiRocco/SCR. It's said that otherwise qualified candidates won't run for public office anymore
If your neighbor's dog is hit by a car and needs to be put out of its misery, Francis Underwood is your man. As he strangles
"House of Cards" Season 1 is currently available on Netflix. Netflix isn't releasing any data, but a spokesperson told The
Back in 2007, I wrote about "Sundance Envy," an oft misdiagnosed disease with one symptom: celluloid deprivation in January. Dr. Freud, are you listening?
WASHINGTON -- D.C. played the role of Hollywood Tuesday night at the Newseum. The cast, creator and well-wishers of "House
Watch the interview with Mara below: "The political world is a dark place," he said. "If you want to portray it accurately
Should Capitol Hill be looking to Hollywood for better scripts? Actor George Clooney thinks that while Democrats have accomplished a great deal for the U.S., they "have done a terrible job so far" of getting this through to Americans.
If you're too high-minded to get down in the mud with your opponent -- but your opponent can grab victory by playing dirty -- who's the winner?