Here’s proof that most things for President Donald Trump are “beautiful”.
The Perseid Meteor Shower offered remarkable views this weekend when it lit up a moonless sky. Don’t worry ― you still have a chance to check it out! The shower doesn’t end until August 24.
A photographer traveled the world to ask women how they define "beautiful."
The #NoMakeup movement encourages men and women to reveal their unadorned faces, bodies, thoughts and opinions: flaws welcome!
This project explores the idea of beauty and the role of photography and new media in the interpretation of what we understand as beauty.
This Los Angeles opening night was the conquering of Hollywood Blvd. and the Pantages Theatre by a musical over six decades in the making: Beautiful: The Carole King Musical now through July 17th at the Hollywood Pantages.
I want to know you better than anyone has ever known you. I want you to be comfortable enough to share every inconsequential
And what did the "normal" people think? Despite the over 2 hours run time, and the drizzle that had begun towards the end
So what's going on? The usual continuation of the scene reveals that Bailey is just as self-conscious as Amy is, and Casey's
This is not a call to action to stop using makeup. On the contrary; it's a call to start using it to empower yourself rather than diminish yourself. It's a call to use makeup, and everything you do for and with your body, as a way to respect yourself more!
And remember God loves you, and is for your highest good. Keep joy, love, and hope in your heart. God can make all things new and beautiful, and better than they were before, inlaid with gold that shimmers in the sun.
Dr Robert Tornambe is a New York plastic surgeon and Author of the bestselling book, The Beauty Quotient. During his 25-year
I'm a woman, so I always got the gist of male privilege. The game is rigged, the guys get all sorts of privileges and, to add insult to injury, most of them aren't even aware of their advantages.
Wrong. I've got a newsflash for women everywhere. If you feel that you are no longer sexy, if you feel that your sexiness
The Earth's largest rainforest spans over eight countries and 1.4 billion acres. It's fertilized (via natural phenomenon
Not only has the last decade seen these theaters become consistent tryout houses, but we've also seen other theaters all across the country house shows of great interest to us here in NYC.
How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Type Photo: Courtesy of CNP Montrose 3. An All-Over Exfoliator A bride's
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