beautiful boy

‘Beautiful Boy’ is unlike most other movies about addiction.
Lissa Rivera's project "Beautiful Boy" is both an exploration of one person's genderqueer identity, and a visual story of two people falling in love.
There is nothing left for me anymore in the touch of a stranger and there is nothing left in the words that I used to desperately crave to hear. Now when people tell me I'm pretty it feels like a stab to the man I want to be.
Check out the emotional video above, released through the film's Facebook page. Bridegroom will be available for purchase
In Clean, David Sheff draws on research in psychology, neuroscience and medicine to present a new approach to dealing with what may well be our greatest social problem.
This is the third of several year-end wrap essays detailing the year in film. This time, it's about highlighting the good or great films that slipped under the radar somehow.
But Beautiful Boy takes it to another level. This film by Shawn Ku focuses on the tragedy of parents whose child is killed
In what is no doubt a just and understandable reaction, great tragedies are often met with concerned -- and often probing
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