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Bathrobe braids, lip-plumping secrets, a long-wear foundation hack and more.
By applying the first coat to only the top side of the tips, you get the added length where you need it most.
We bet you never thought of using eyeshadow primer for THIS.
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There you have it! Some simple ways to nourish your hair from the inside out so that it is healthy and strong! Ensuring that your diet is rich in important nutrients as well as understanding how the external treatment of your hair affects its health are the keys to lovely locks!
Contouring with tape is one of the many makeup hacks that rose from Instagram (thanks, Huda Kattan). The tape is meant to
What you do: Dampen the paper towel and spray hairspray on it liberally. Then, blot the parts of your skin that are subject
Lemons Every morning I drink lemon juice and warm water to jumpstart my day. Drinking the tangy concoction first thing in