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What differences do you notice between men and women's leadership styles? I'm at an interesting career juncture. I am indeed
I was in that perfect place in life where you realize that something has got to change. I was spending too much time thinking about my hair, and that was wrong. There was so much work to do to make this world better for my tiny daughter to be worrying about my hair.
How can we use your vision to help us change the way we do hair, and the way we communicate with our clients? What are your
To the last bastion of naysayers who think natural or eco-conscious beauty is just a fad, it's time to admit defeat.
It is normal to want to look your best and present yourself well, but we should not let the media make us feel bad about ourselves to profit from us.
In 2003, Artist Miryana Babic was traveling in Florence and stumbled across a tiny perfumery where the fragrances were hand-blended in small batches with floral and botanical essences from Italy and around the world.
What kind of feminist must I be if I'm at odds with the fundamental feminist principle that street harassment dehumanizes women?
The most important thing to me is that my products are good and kind. I'm not OK with putting anything on my body or in my hair that involved the torture of animals. And let's be real: Torture is what happens to animals that are tested on.
The beauty swap is probably the least technological way to discover products and is technically not as new as the other two ways but is seeing a rebirth in the digital age.
"Stop The Beauty Madness," a new social media campaign, takes a brutally honest approach to raising awareness about women's desires to meet unrealistic beauty standards. HuffPost Live speaks to the campaign's creator for the latest.
As each new season greets retailers with a staggering number of shoppers choosing to shop online or via mobile as opposed to visiting stores, every retailer from small local boutiques to global superpowers has tried to keep up with the exploding demand for shopping online.
Are your biggest "flaws" really just some of the beauty industry's greatest marketing successes?
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Move over, youngins! 2014 is shaping up to be the year of timeless radiance for the beauty industry -- and we're not complaining
Allure's highlighting of Saldana's weight reduces this talented performer to a one-dimensional image, reinforcing the strange and fraught relationship women (and men) have with one of the most reviled twentieth-century innovations: the bathroom scale.
So, the question is, why are companies reluctant to hire older people, particularly if they carry the stigma of having been downsized? Because we live in a cult of youth.
As a spa consultant, I believe that the first quarter is one of the best times to conduct trainings, ramp up your image and initiate changes if you want to see a difference in your spa for the balance of the year and beyond.
Beauty expert and contributing writer, Mary Winkenwerder, of GLADYS Magazine and BRINK Magazine humbly opens up and tells me what it's like getting into the beauty industry.