beauty norms

I wanted to see how I -- and my body -- would react to wearing a corset, while exploring the question: What role, if any, is fitting for corsets and waist trainers in our modern world?
While Engman tries not to categorize his work as addressing a singular issue, he's well aware of the importance of adding
7. Melanie Bonajo 13. Jenny Sharaf "The culture industry creates these impossible robotic ideals through Photoshopping and
"Essentially playing both the role of the ethnographer and the ethnographic, forced me to confront an internalized friction
This Valentine's Day I'm going to say "I love you just the way you are" and mean it. And I sure hope she thinks so too. And I say that without any expectations.
Feminine lesbians are often told 'you're too pretty to be queer,' and bear gays are rendered invisible by their masculinity, yet the term 'gay face' is used as an insult. Is there a such thing as 'looking gay,' and is there a cultural value to it?
Most people who spew such nonsense expect me to delight in their backhanded praise, but believing that there is a point at which a woman is too attractive to be gay is based on the assumption that heterosexual women are inherently better-looking, and that's homophobic.
British woman Siobhain Fletcher, who suffers from PCOS, made headlines last year when she allowed her facial hair to grow