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On Werner's latest The Melody, he is joined in perfect harmony by Johannes Weidenmueller on bass and Ari Hoenig on drums and between the three of them they create an exquisite exploration of what it is to be enraptured by melody in its many enduring forms.
What do you do for "me" time? "Oddly, work is 'me' time. I'm lucky enough to work with my best girlfriends; I have a job
Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebs get ready for the red carpet? From the perfect pout to glowing skin and bouncy
Supermodel Miranda Kerr launched KORA, an organic skincare line, after failing to find appealing products on the existing market. Here, the Australian beauty talks beauty as part of a holistic and healthy lifestyle.
With warmer temps in full swing and shorter hemlines on the horizon, it's the perfect time to get your stems ready for some fun in the sun. But with the sunny spells coming and going as they please, a girl has to be ready to flash some leg at a moment's notice.
With their glowing skin, simple elegance and striking makeup, there's a reason why people are still obsessed with the style
When breaking down her skincare regimen, Roche mentioned Sabon as her line of choice. With her hair, she loves Aveda, of
Susan Sarandon is ageless. Ask for her beauty secrets and she doesn't hesitate for a moment.
I need tips on how to look amazing without a time machine and someone else's bank account. My best beauty and style resource has always been other women. Luckily for me, I have fabulous friends.
7. "MOIS.TUR.IZER." 8. "I love a great primer, too. NARS Pro Prime Light Optimizing Primer is awesomeness." 13. "Mom said
Attention redheads! We've found the eyeshadow color you should be wearing next spring. These makeup techniques not only brought
4. It can help tone down highlights. If your highlights end up looking a little too brassy, Cucinello recommends getting
In the video above, PopSugar Beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson explains how storing certain cosmetics in the refrigerator next
4. Breath freshener. Got bad breath? Chew on a few cinnamon sticks or gargle with warm cinnamon water to sweeten things up
Makeup artist and best-selling author Shalini Vadhera traveled the globe to find the world's best beauty secrets for her