The conservative writer ties insect insult against him to anti-Semitism. He once called Palestinians mosquitos in a Wall Street Journal column.
The first-term congresswoman roasts the conservative New York Times columnist after he flipped out on a critic.
The small, itchy raised bumps that signal bedbugs’ presence in a home are just the start of aggravations to come. Laundering
"He was melting. I was scared. He was screaming."
Avoid cabs. That's always rule number one.
As for shoes, Furman suggests using a PackTite, garment steamer or placing the shoes in a pillowcase, tying the ends together
7. Remove all outlet covers and picture frames from the walls. Remember, it is best to speak with your landlord or electrician
A few weeks ago I prepared to go on vacation. But alas, the final move prior to hopping into the car was to strip and flip the mattress, and lo and behold, there were five bedbugs on one corner.