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Darken Your Bedroom We love to incorporate bright pops of color in the home. But in the bedroom, it's best to stick with
From helping reduce pollution to conserving our world’s natural resources, there are plenty of reasons for people to start
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Blue is a perfect example of how color works, even when we do not realize it. And depending on the shade you use, the meaning
1. Opaque window coverings. Your body repairs itself while you sleep, and it needs darkness to do so effectively. There are
Kevin Dooley via Compfight In order to have a great day, you need to have proper rest. For some people is 8 hours of sleep
As if you needed another excuse to make over your bedroom: It can be good for your health. Every decor choice you make, whether it's the lighting, the window treatments, or the bed itself, has an impact on the quality of your sleep.
This did not explain how Bernice, who was not appreciably smarter than Ramona, hoisted herself onto the roof of our two-story
The rooms needed to be dark, cool, inviting -- and contain no technology.
How can you make the most of every square inch?
Opt for simple, neutral bedding, like solid white, which sets a serene tone and will make them feel like they're at a high