bedtime routine

The AI technology allows you to tailor stories to your child’s specific circumstances and interests, but it has its limitations.
A list of great ideas for any stage, from newborn to school-age.
Back-to-school is officially a "season." Depending on where you live in the United States, it starts in early August and ends around the third week of September.
My daughters are 6, 4 and 2-years-old. Bedtime is the antithesis of all of their little hopes and desires. And, due to my reliance on bad habits to get through the early stages of motherhood, only the third child has grasped the concept of going to sleep on her own. (I know, I know...)
Having turned 70, I know I am officially old. Granted, aging has slowed me down a bit. I walk slower, take longer to remember things, and have a harder time getting up from the floor when I play with my grandkids. But going to bed? Why has that become such a long process?
The president isn’t perfect when it comes to getting enough rest, but he's doing several things right.
In honor of Father's Day, this post was going to be a collection of memories about how my dad had an impact on my bedtime ritual. It was huge -- for one thing, he got me to stop sucking my thumb by telling me I would end up looking like Bugs Bunny. I trusted him because he said I could keep my blankie -- just don't suck my thumb.
While there is truth that coloring is an enjoyable and focused activity that can make excellent use of your time, the benefits that it gives you cannot be underemphasized.