bee stings

Bee venom immunotherapy can help prevent life-threatening allergic reactions to insect stings… but there’s a shortage of the product.
The three men who were hospitalized were stung up to 50 times each, Tampa Bay Online reported. The fourth victim, a woman
For more on Smith's research, go to NatGeo. National Geographic has more on how Smith stung himself for science: Our readers
Stan Brown of Cumberland, Maine, is nearly 93 years old, one of America's oldest registered beekeepers.
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On Wednesday afternoon, a 95-year-old man was stung by bees at least six hundred times when walking near his Redondo Beach
Bug bites, merely annoying for most of us, can be medically perilous to some who encounter the wrong creepy crawler or experience a severe allergic reaction.
The cold, dizzly weather Chicago's been having lulled Liam and I into a false sense of security, as we hadn't seen much action from the hives. Today's swarm was a rude awakening.
Baptism in carnival-like surroundings was not the only type of surprise baptism engaged in by the Cornerstone Baptist church.