Some Twitter users had a beef with the announcement — even though the website made the decision a year ago without fanfare.
The "Late Show" host even made a mock beer commercial just for Republicans.
Biden is not after your Dr. Seuss books nor your hamburgers, the "Late Night" host said.
We all know grass-fed is better for the planet and the animals. But here's how it can be better for our health, too.
The coronavirus crisis has put a huge strain on the meat industry, which has warned of shortages in the coming weeks.
Between a changing industry and the pressure to cut costs, Americans are at risk from E. coli and salmonella.
The fast food chain said it realized there was an issue with its seasoned beef when a customer reported finding a metal shaving in food.
"Take a moment, think about it, and reexamine your relationship with food," the famed restaurateur urged.
Not all meat labeled "grass fed" is from animals that have eaten grass their entire life. Here's how to tell the real from the fake.
HuffPost Food & Drink’s series Consumed shines a light on Americans’ obsession with food, one topic at a time. July's theme is meat.