Beef Week

Except maybe all the other beefs we encountered along the way.
"If they’re sending us what they said, footage and clips and screen grabs. To me, that reeks of staged," Brand said.
She could be rapping circles around anyone of any gender, if she would just stop inviting drama into her iPhone and let go of her "there can only be one” mentality.
How an on-screen “Bachelor in Paradise” beef became an off-screen steak.
Roxane Gay is the queen of nemesis Twitter. But she's not the only one aching to indulge her petty side.
Visual effects supervisor Joe Bauer recalls the context around the greatest Wesley Snipes rumor you've ever heard.
A man was physically assaulted. On a f**king cooking show. Ten years later, Marcel Vigneron explains that drunken head-shaving incident.
Twenty years later, the behind-the-scenes rivalry between DreamWorks' "Antz" and Disney's "A Bug's Life" gets a new twist.
An “influencer manager” dishes on why your favorite influencers are always feuding (and what it might have to do with, uh, “women empowerment”).
The drama on the MTV hit wasn't scripted, says executive producer Gary Auerbach. But he did consult TV drama writers when working on the show.