beer cocktails

Finally, something you can do with all those pumpkin beers. 🎃
I thought I'd raise a pint-glass to arguably the most refreshing cocktail of all: the beer cocktail.
We have nine amazing drinks that you and your friends are sure to love more than just a six-pack of beer.
The longest -- and hopefully the sunniest -- day of the year is always a cause for celebration.
Need a reason to crack a cold one? American Craft Beer Week continues through Sunday.
Do not, under any circumstances put green food coloring in your beer -- use ice cream.
We've pulled together half a dozen of our favorite, no-fuss food and drink recipes that will help ensure victory on game day
Feel like having a drink tonight but can't decide between a beer and a cocktail?
Want to know what's more refreshing than an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day? A beer so cold that it's frozen. We're not
On Father's Day, make a toast to your dad with a great manly cocktail. We've put together a selection of our favorite dad
Tired of plain old lemonade? These chilled drinks take this classic summer quencher for a spin with the addition of the season's favorite ingredients.
Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summer, and we'll be soaking up the long holiday weekend with a batch of warm weather-ready drinks.
Plain old beer is a perfectly acceptable drink for a plain old football game. But Sunday is the Super Bowl, and you have to step it up a bit.
If we value beer as a finished product, does that make it unusable in any other capacity? If we see fine champagne being used as an ingredient in a bubbly, delicious, thoughtfully-crafted cocktail, does that mean it is any less sophisticated or regarded?