I remember a comment by the pianist Mieczyslaw Horszowski, who said that progressing as a musician meant learning to read
Lest you think that Life in the Boomer Lane is beating you over the head with her enthusiasm for One Day U, you are absolutely correct. She attended her second One Day U yesterday. Once again, she is swooning from the experience of being back in the classroom.
Goodyear isn't just about Beethoven. Last year, he was inspired to do a Christmas album. What did he choose? He wrote his
Adored by babies in strollers, toddlers, Dads, nannies, breeders, and rescue centers, dogs have been revered for thousands
But Ben has gone deaf. He had somehow missed seeing the car's approach, and hadn't heard it come down the drive, or the motorized
I am always pleasantly surprised that Fidelio (1814), Ludwig van Beethoven's only opera and one that some consider a slog
Julie Fiorenza stands stationary -- completely frozen, stuck in an eternity of (dis)quiet. In the silence of her body lies a secret tension, a brooding psychology paradoxical to the simplicity of her one-legged stance, and her stillness begs for movement.
You can also learn a lot about Piatigorsky and the role he played in shaping the 21st century cello world, at the Piatigorsky
The Young Musicians Foundation Debut Orchestra, led by conductor Yuga Cohler and composer Stephen Feigenbaum, is bringing hip-hop and classical music together.