behavioral economics

NG: There is so much opportunity for better problem-solving in the world. The outcomes of poor problem-solving are visible
The late 2005 Nobel Laureate Thomas Schelling who passed away at age 95 last week, wrote in a famous essay about "the intimate
This is not the first time that default programs have been shown to successfully increase green energy use. While most German
The adoption of new products and services requires changes in behavior, but habits and quirks of our minds conspire against
These programs, which are affiliated with VNSNY's Community Mental Health Services division, demonstrate that when it comes to building healthy communities and supporting the well-being of patients like Jean, physical and mental health can't be separated.
Guess who topped even Mother Teresa? The people who completed the survey, with a score of 87 percent. Apparently, most of the respondents thought they were better than Mother Teresa in regards to their likelihood of getting into heaven.
So why do so many still feel so strongly about the American dream? It may just be human nature. Find out how in the video
When it comes to many of the big decisions faced by governments - and the private sector - behavioral science has more to
Although these innovations have unleashed markets, traditional for-profits have made two serious errors in serving the base
Enter: regression to the mean. I know I'm arriving here in a somewhat disjointed way -- sorry, it's late at night -- but
There are many social norms that dictate gift-giving, including when, how and what to give as gifts. Interestingly, these norms don't seem to be about making sure that recipients get the gifts they want. What makes for a good or bad gift often differs in the eyes of givers and recipients.
Disney no longer markets movies; instead, they market fandoms. From Marvel to Pixar, and especially Star Wars, they create personal connections and pull hard on heartstrings.
Unless Germans begin viewing their hyphenated counterparts as viable future citizens, perspective-taking will be aggravated, fueling a vicious cycle of "othering."
Breakthroughs in scientific medical research have prompted AIDS activists and politicians to envision "an AIDS-free generation." UNAIDS has begun a countdown to zero: "no new HIV infections, no discrimination, and no new AIDS deaths."
There seems to be a mad rush in the media to analyze Black Friday. Yet, every analysis misses the point that Black Friday, which though on the surface seems like just vile consumerism, is actually, for some, quite a meaningful, ritualistic experience.
The ocean is indeed in deep, deep trouble due to overfishing, climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction, and good science is needed to turn that around. This science doesn't need to be fancy, expensive, or complicated. Rather, it needs to be thoughtful, targeted, and inclusive.
Governments should be obligated to disclose how behavioral science and technology are used in public policy.