The cause of the fire is under investigation but officials say they believe it originated from welding sparks from work being done in the hospital’s inpatient wing.
The planned visit to Beijing this week comes as U.S. concerns grow that China is considering providing military aid to Russia in its war on Ukraine.
The U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security said the six entities were being targeted for “their support to China’s military modernization efforts."
Unconfirmed reports of lockdowns in at least some districts of the Chinese capital have fueled demand for food and other supplies.
U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has landed in Taiwan, becoming the highest-ranking American official to visit in 25 years.
Many cities including Beijing are requiring a negative test result within the last three days to enter a public place or take the bus or subway.
The latest steps have further frustrated residents, who were hoping a more than monthlong lockdown was finally easing.
The election followed major changes to Hong Kong’s electoral laws last year to ensure that only “patriots” loyal to Beijing can hold office.
While only 70 cases have been found since the outbreak surfaced, authorities have followed a “zero-COVID” approach to try to prevent a further spread of the virus.
The Justice Department alleges the spying operation was ordered by the Chinese government, said her father Arthur Liu, a former political refugee.