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Microsoft and IBM have developed smog forecasting technology that can help governments make the air breathable again.
Cough. Cough.
For me at least, WeChat became a central feature of the trade mission. My Chinese contacts immediately found me. They shared their "moments," personal and professional.
Greenpeace East Asia on Wednesday released a film by renowned Chinese director Jia Zhangke titled “Smog Journeys,” examining
6. Hospitals: Several public health institutions have been shut down except for emergencies or are operating on much reduced
Dramatic as the air quality improvements were at times, they also hammered home Beijing’s own inconvenient truth: If shutting
But the city's 500-strong squad of environmental enforcers have struggled to cope with the sheer volume of complaints. The
BEIJING, April 30 (Reuters) - Alarmed by pollution in the Chinese capital, authorities in Beijing will crack down on smoky
China's smog has brought some Chinese cities to a near standstill, caused flight delays and forced schools to shut. Overall
BEIJING, Jan 16 (Reuters) - Beijing's mayor pledged on Thursday to cut coal use by 2.6 million tonnes and set aside 15 billion
You might be attired thusly... You might get lost on your way to work... The AQI has been dangerously high since yesterday
Along with creating health concerns for residents of Shanghai and other cities, the air pollution has also dramatically reduced
Of course, the company will be testing guayule extensively. A new biorubber research center is being constructed for that
Which isn't to say it takes an American upbringing to realize that China's air pollution is atrocious. Environmental pollution