beijing smog

The future offers tremendous environmental risk from urbanization, as well as incredible potential to bring nature's power to cities, and I'm sure of one thing: Whatever happens, China will be at the center.
Record-breakingly bad air is likely to worsen as China enters pollution "high season," one expert warns.
China's capital is on "red alert" over record smog levels, yet it's trying to water down a climate deal in Paris.
Cough. Cough.
Beijing plans to bring readings down to 60 by 2017, the municipal environmental bureau said earlier this year. (Reporting
Greenpeace East Asia on Wednesday released a film by renowned Chinese director Jia Zhangke titled “Smog Journeys,” examining
Take a look at what it's like to run a marathon in Sunday's smog levels: jerobeta embedded via Instagram Beijing's official
But the city's 500-strong squad of environmental enforcers have struggled to cope with the sheer volume of complaints. The
BEIJING, April 30 (Reuters) - Alarmed by pollution in the Chinese capital, authorities in Beijing will crack down on smoky