being a good grandparent

Each June, a flood of children from all over the country arrive in our small town for the beginning of day camp near their grandparents. Their parents drop them off with instructions that come with codicils, quickly departing to allow us one-on-one time with the children.
Spending a night in the Ice Hotel is apparently on a famous list of 100 Things You Have to Do Before You Die. I can only wonder: do the other 99 require this much suffering?
Over the past three generations, theories about self-esteem have dramatically changed. Now the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction and it turns out my grandparents may have been on to something. There is mounting evidence that constant praise may be damaging our grandchildren.
Here are 15 words that should be in every grandparent's vocabulary.
Growing up, Ed White spent relatively little time with his father, who worked in a power plant, climbing from engineer to vice president. His dad put in long hours, leaving early in the morning and coming home late. After dinner, he would read the newspaper, then do more work.
There have also been periods -- some stretching for months -- when the two have not spoken, but Rachel’s daughters rarely