being nice

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When I started at seminary a few years ago, I noticed a new buzzword-authenticity. Of course, I knew the word, but I wasn't accustomed to how it got brought into virtually any controversial or even meaningful discussion as if it were the Holy Grail.
One study found that people who were asked to perform asks of kindness felt less socially anxious.
Research labs, like most workplaces, come in two broad varieties: The cut-throat kind, where researchers are always throwing
"Nevertheless, I hope to see more research along these lines on the cognitive and personality factors affecting perceptions
Plus, studies show that having specific goals -- like setting out to make someone smile -- may boost our happiness. If being
There are three words that every traveler should know in any foreign language when traveling overseas. They may not get you mistaken for a local, but it's amazing how far they will take you.
We're all assholes sometimes -- myself very much included. The thing is, though, that I -- along with many others I know -- are typically the biggest assholes towards ourselves.
"What do you want your kids to be?" I asked. "Doctors? Lawyers? Investment bankers?" And I could see heads nodding in agreement around the room, at least until I threw them a curve ball and asked, "How many of you said in your minds, 'I want my kids to be NICE?'"
With some bravery, a little conscious effort, and even just a smidge of creativity, we can begin to reverse the damage and actually start to reconnect with others on a basic, human level. Let's put our brains into it people.