being present

Like the script above says, "Some of us died, some got sick, some got rich, some had bad luck, some of us were fortunate
Shifting this mindset within ourselves and our organisations is no mean feat, but it does come with the benefit of not just
I give you these questions to let your thoughts wander. To be able to step back and really reflect about how you experience each moment of your life. To slow down the movie reel and really feel your way through everything.
When you're in the present and allow yourself to feel the joy inherent in it, you get to feel how great your life is, the ordinariness of it, right now.
Once we get that life is a path filled with both challenges and moments of satisfaction as opposed to rainbow-like ideal at the end of the path, we can begin to go into each situation with our best foot forward.
A big myth in parenting is that "a good parent is a loving one," says Dr. Shefali Tsabary.
We want things faster. We want things cheaper, and we don't want anything that asks for too much of our time or attention
I let go of what a marriage is "supposed" to look like and, instead, created a different way of loving the man in my life. I'd like to share with you seven keys that I believe are the foundation of a fantastic marriage.
My peers produce an incredible mass of content from our daily lives. We seemingly think that every moment has to be an Insta
There are times in all of our lives when we undoubtedly expend our energy and light towards hoping or wishing for something else, something different than what we currently already have in our possession.
Let's not rely so heavily on the earth-shattering events to awaken us from the mechanical slumber that can sometimes pervasively control our lives. Let's all remember to live in this moment and celebrate life because while my father is right that we are all dying, at least for today, we are all living too.
Motherhood, in my seven months, has surprised me. And seeing my sisters and my friends becoming mothers, that has surprised and delighted me as well.
The mind game consists of the tricks your mind sometimes plays on you, making you see reality based on old fears, prejudices and early conditioning. Instead of focusing on your old habits, you can become the agents of change. In fact, awareness is the change!
It was the last line that made me think. Our lives today are so busy, hectic, rushed and full of concerns that we forget to be with our families or friends when we are with them! Of course we are there physically, but mentally we are somewhere else.
Those ordinary, extraordinary moments that as a parent take my breath away and remind me that the only way to move forward, to not blindly push through milestones and markers, is to breathe, to be present, to look up at life with my eyes wide open and my heart vulnerable.
Thousands of American millennials will graduate from college this month. I am one of them. Many of my peers have secured jobs for themselves. I have not. As millennials begin to explore new opportunities, some important lessons come to mind.