Lebanese LGBTQ people are still struggling with archaic “unnatural action" laws from the days of French colonization.
For many younger Lebanese, Sunday brought a first chance to vote in a national election after parliament twice extended a term that expired in 2013.
"Beirut" aims to profit from Lebanon's deadly civil war, but it doesn't tell any Lebanese truths.
Lebanese security forces fired tear gas and water cannons at protesters near the U.S. Embassy.
It's the first time he has been back after resigning as prime minister and spurring a political crisis.
Saad al-Hariri also hinted that he could take back his resignation.
Ending violence against women is one of UN Women’s key priorities. “To live a life free of violence is a human right,” stressed
The longstanding law lets rapists go free if they marry their victim.
Another loss for Trump.
I asked how many Christian journalists had been to mosques to attend prayers, had written about Muslim practices, had spoken
The shutter release couldn't be depressed if there was no film in the camera. Digital video's precursor (Abu-Fadil) Antique
The court jurisdiction tug-of-war is not new but her 2014 travel ban, about which she wasn't even informed, prevented Amin
The latest victim is Dolly Ghanem, a veteran anchor and morning talk show host on LBCI TV, who was shoved off newscasts in
Evacuees use Incirlik community center to call home (Abu-Fadil) Thousands of Americans, mostly of Lebanese descent, were
Malala Yousafzai once said, "When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful." We, as global citizens, must take it upon ourselves to be the voice of change when no one else is willing to.