Bel Powley

As I do each year, I'm putting together my "Forgotscars" -- a list of additional nominees that won't get any gold but deserve at least a well-intentioned post by this guy (points to self) as a way of saying "thanks."
That Spotlight won Best Feature at the Gotham Awards last night was not a surprise.
Blundstone, a manufacturer of fine and sturdy boots, has announced their sponsorship of the HIFF. A version of this post
The 'Diary of a Teenage Girl' star discusses patriarchy's impact on young women.
Bel Powley and Marielle Heller weigh in on the UK’s reasoning for giving “The Diary Of A Teenage Girl” an 18 rating.
For Minnie, acting on her sexual desire is transformational. Her mother says, "You have a kind of power -- you just don't know it yet." But indeed, Minnie does know, and she acts. She is a sexual agent who refuses to be manipulated.
"Wanting to know is what makes us matter," says Hannah Jarvis, a historical novelist researching Arcadia's legendary garden