Over the past several months, Belarus has returned to the international spotlight, due to the outbreak of mass protests over
Veranika Laputska, Polish Academy of Sciences and Aliaksandr Papko Recent months have seen unprecedented social protest in
Roskilde [Upcoming blog next Sunday: Asian sunsets] France Lübeck Norway Today it's northern Europe's turn for the blog series
The attacker has been detained, but his motives remain unclear.
Preparation of the report corresponds with the ongoing controversial discussion on the situation with the Constitutional
Thousands lined up to see him in his hometown of Minsk, Belarus -- for the last time. Two days earlier, Sheremet was killed in a car bombing in Kiev. The New York Times reported: Another Russian journalist falls. On the surface, his story is not uncommon.
Vetoing Ukraine's relations with the West is exactly what Moscow is trying to do in Ukraine. Another reminder of Russia's
Russia's law will be far worse, Christians say, because it will impose the post-Soviet Union's first blanket ban on all religious services in homes.
After the country's autocratic leader misspoke, Belarusians had a little fun.
Humans abandoned this zone in Belarus and Ukraine in 1986.
Vladimir Putin's lock on Russia's leadership since 2000 has given the Russian Orthodox Church an even more commanding position in the country's religious picture. Putin has publicly called the church, which he attends, a vital part of Russian life and tradition.
Despite all the focus in Europe on refugees, terrorism and Brexit, there is one region which still requires the attention of both European elite as well as its society -- Eastern Europe. We are at risk of losing our focus in the region, and this could hurt countries that are attempting to finally shed their Soviet heritage.
They are accused of crimes during a 1991 crackdown on the country's independence movement.