In a recent stop on The Celebration Tour, the pop icon spoke out about her ICU stint due to a bacterial infection this summer.
The goalkeeper reportedly fell to the ground moments after saving a penalty.
Olivier Vandecasteele was sentenced to a lengthy prison term and 74 lashes after being convicted in a closed-door trial that rights groups say deny due process.
This is the leading theory to explain the spread of the disease at raves held in Spain and Belgium, a leading adviser to the World Health Organization said.
The rapper has been accused of writing lyrics that praise terror groups and insult the royal family.
Ten additional people sustained life-threatening injuries after a car driving at high speed slammed into revelers in the town of Strepy-Bracquenies, authorities said.
The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs congratulated the athlete for his feat.
Imani and Hermien only have runny noses so far, according to zoo officials.
Demonstrators marched in Brussels against reinforced COVID-19 restrictions imposed to counter the latest spike in coronavirus cases across Europe.
In some places, electricity failure prevented sirens from going off.