belgium attacks

Prosecutors said Mohamed Abrini admitted to being the "man in the hat" seen on Brussels airport CCTV with the bombers.
It will "take months" for the airport to return to normal, Brussels Airport Company's CEO said.
At the fourth nuclear security summit this week, world leaders will discuss how to prevent ISIS and other terrorists from getting their hands on the ingredients of nuclear terror. And Belgium's prime minister might be the leader with the most to say. Since the 2014 summit, Belgium has suffered a number of suspicious and alarming activities at its nuclear sites. Fortunately, Belgium has shown that there are clear actions that can drastically reduce the risk.
Secretary of State John Kerry met with Belgian leaders and offered condolences and help following the attacks.
A radicalization expert explains what countries can do to stem the violence.
Extremism in Belgium is far more complex than just blaming one neighborhood.
Trump's popularity has risen with his anti-Muslim rhetoric, but polls favor Clinton in a crisis.
This is how things are in Brussels today. We found ourselves locked up in Parliament. Suspending activities. We called for moments of silence. We changed travel plans. We are waiting for news.
The GOP frontrunner seized on the news of the attacks, immediately injecting himself into the story by storming the morning shows.
This tragedy can serve as a helpful reminder for us all.