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This past week, Mr. Tramp was greeted by some protesters who he suspected were illegal immigrants. There is even a rumor that some of these so-called "illegals" are rushing to become citizens in case Mr. Tramp wins.
It will "take months" for the airport to return to normal, Brussels Airport Company's CEO said.
Belgium is sending a message to the rest of Europe, It will stand and resist. Belgians will fight back. They will not lock down their homes, their institutions, their society. They will react with determination and toughness to an attack on their way of life, but never give up the freedoms they so much cherish.
This week we witnessed a world coming together and a world falling apart, a world between engagement and terror. For the first time in nearly 90 years, an American president visited Cuba, turning upside down the anti-Yanqui narrative that has been the raison d'être of one of the Western Hemisphere's most longest-lasting dictatorships. In Brussels, it appears that some children of Muslim immigrants expressed their explosive alienation in terror attacks in the very city many of them grew up, which also happens to be the capital of Europe. (continued)
At this political crossroads Belgium has an opportunity to change its image from being the "jihadi capital"of Europe to Europe's capital of social and economic integration.
Secretary of State John Kerry met with Belgian leaders and offered condolences and help following the attacks.