The law will guarantee taxpayer funding for agencies that refuse to place a child based on "religious or moral" beliefs.
Prosecutors have charged Grafton E. Thomas with five counts of obstructing the free exercise of religious beliefs for an attack on an Orthodox Jewish community in Monsey.
Friday's announcement generated a sharp backlash from Democratic lawmakers and advocacy groups.
District Judge Robert Jonker said St. Vincent Catholic Charities’ practice of referring same-sex couples to other agencies is not discriminatory.
There was no debate or explanation as to why the bill was withdrawn from the state's GOP-dominant Senate.
Jerome Kunkel, 18, says the chickenpox vaccine is against his religious beliefs.
Ethan Lindenberger, 18, will discuss his decision to get vaccinated despite his mom's beliefs in front of the Senate health committee.
The evangelical Christian artists claim a Phoenix anti-discrimination law would curtail their religious rights.
Decision Magazine editors warned that evangelicals will be punished "once again" if Republicans lose the midterm elections to Democrats.
Many believe the president's new “faith initiative” will only "divide and discriminate."