Beltane is a summer festival celebrated around the world.
Walpurgis is an old pagan festival and the name was derived from Saint Walburga whose feast day is on May 1. It is on April
It is also the holiday of soulful love, a time when we feel called to open our hearts and or connect more deeply with others. It celebrates love, attraction and courtship, and "spring fever" or "mating season."
With Carnival here and Mardi Gras right around the corner you might be wondering how a religious holiday could be so fun
We are a body full of color and fragrance. We are a cycle of life unto ourselves, and we have good cause to celebrate our body -- our flesh -- for we have no knowledge of what is to come beyond this moment, this life, this body.
Today's Maytime Faerie Festivals, including Spoutwood Farm's May Day Fairie Festival, the Maryland Faerie Festival, and the New York Faerie Festival, are outgrowths of this vibrant May tradition. They feature kings and queens, Maypole dances, flower garlands and beautiful costumes.
May Day is still celebrated in many parts of Europe, from England to Provence to Bavaria, where they decorate their homes with flowers, play music, and dance around a "maypole" adorned with brightly-colored ribbons.
This May Day let us pay tribute to the Earth Mother and Her daughter goddesses of green growth by planting May trees and flowers and then dancing around them to celebrate the lovely, lusty miracle of life.
Beltane or May Day is the mid-way point between spring and summer, and for many pagan practitioners, it's a time to celebrate the abundance of nature. But this year, I'm just not feeling it.
For Pagans, May Day is celebrated as the religious festival of Beltane. The burgeoning life force of this season balances winter's cold and death, and the wheel of the year turns.