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1. What are you doing building your entire social life around your job in the media? Don't do that, numbskull. Does that
One of the first people to respond and react to Howard Kurtz's shabby treatment of Pari Bradlee was Bradlee's mother-in-law, Sally Quinn.
Now, one of the first people to respond and react to Kurtz's shabby treatment of Pari Bradlee, was Bradlee's mother-in-law
“Most journalists know where to draw the line,” adds [Sally] Quinn.” It’s no wonder that many years later, the Washington
But reporter Mark Leibovich, very slyly, opted to not provide an index for his book This Town. Apparently, the book features
[Would you like to follow me on Twitter? Because why not?] Non-white respondents were the most enthusiastic about seeing
It's pretty well-known that you can reduce the number of "frauds" you talk to in Washington by over 80 percent if you avoid
Talk about incestuous: A top Obama official cashes in with a top corporation with the help of a top Washington fixer and
But as an anthropological study of Washington's awfulness, Barofsky's book is pretty wonderful. And it doesn't spoil the