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Actor Ben Feldman, known for his roles on "Mad Men" and "A to Z," joins HuffPost Live to discuss his new NBC comedy "Superstore
Attention all shoppers! NBC's new comedy, Superstore, from the brain of Justin Spitzer -- whose credits include Scrubs and The Office -- is offering a "weekly deal" of laughs and heart to which you'll want to subscribe.
“The problem isn’t in the awards,” Ferrera said. “It’s not a Golden Globes problem, it’s not an award ceremony problem. It’s
"The McCarthys," 9:30 p.m. ET Oct. 30, CBS: As previously noted, CBS is in the habit of snatching up fantastic actors of
It's a welcome development to see more women directors emerging in the indie film scene and it's my hope that this will soon translate into more women directing studio features, as well. One indie woman director whose work I've enjoyed in recent years is Kat Coiro.
Check out the Season 2 teaser below: Feldman is hardly the only famous face heading to "Mindy" this season. The actor will
January Jones also unveiled Betty's new brunette 'do in November, five months before "Mad Men" Season 6 premiered. Fore more
Michael Ginsberg may be the newbie enthusiastic go-getter at Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce, but Ben Feldman, the man behind
AMC's "Mad Men" returns for season six this Sunday, April 7. As fans anxiously await the premiere, the show's creators and
Jacob sits down with actor Ben Feldman to discuss becoming Michael Ginsberg and season six of "Mad Men."