ben fields

Recent attempts to justify the horrific violence against black women and girls has me again returning to Sojourner Truth's question: "Ain't I a woman?" As a society we have to set a standard without compromises: Adult men should not beat, hit, pull the hair of or slam to the ground women and girls.
Regardless of party or race, most say it's an officer's job not to let conflict with a student escalate.
Deputy Ben Fields was fired this week for violently arresting a black 16-year-old student.
When it is legal for authority figures to abuse children and have them arrested on spurious and unsubstantiated charges, can America really be "the land of the free"?
She had refused to leave class because she "thought it was an unfair punishment."
The South Carolina student thrown from her seat by a school police officer had obeyed orders to put her cellphone away, and
We must engender a culture that recognizes the humanity of black girls rather than tolerating a society that uses violence and discrimination to obliterate them. Drop the charges against the children in Spring Valley High School, they have been unduly punished enough.
The South Carolina sheriff's deputy was fired Wednesday.
Student's lawyer: Officer should be jailed.
Scott weighed in on the Spring Valley High School assault and what we should do going forward.