Ben Franklin

Of course, as with some other things, he may not really mean it. His twittering was certainly incoherent enough. The Grateful
Deceit, greed or just plain stupidity, there's no place to run or hide. A reporter or blogger is surely going to be there with a keyboard, camera or microphone.
Lisa Gardner is the New York Times bestselling author of crime thrillers with more than 22 million books in print. As Lisa Gardner, she's written an FBI Profiler series, as well as the Detective D.D. Warren series, and standalone novels. As Alicia Scott, she's written romance novels.
As a travel writer open and game to exploring the offbeat and oddball within a few hours or one day's drive of New York City (Virginia to Maine), I've stumbled on some pretty bizarre, eccentric and/or downright weird things. Here's just a sampling from this year's explorations.
That epiphany came on a walk just before my 51st birthday in mid May. In my mind I was ranting about how someone I knew kept doing the same thing and expecting a different result. I was perched high on my soapbox, having a good ol' internal harangue and feeling quite smug, when I heard that still, small voice that thinks it knows everything.
Okay, America -- especially you in the northeast -- a friend request and one for your support has been sent. I'm just waiting for that reply. Won't you join me and demand full equality?
You may know a lot about Benjamin Franklin -- for example, that he invented bifocals, graces the $100 bill, and was born on January 17 -- but you've likely never heard of the Ben Franklin Effect. It's a concept which, when properly applied, can strengthen your sales performance and even your job search.
For must of us, the journey doesn't end in our lifetime. But we can progress and in fact make an impact on the human condition. Yes, our impact may seem small. But if many, or most, of us do it--after generation upon generation, the entire herd can get there.
Without our free media, all our other freedoms can be stolen from us under the darkness of fear. Our free press is under assault by the very institutions whose claim is that they are protecting us.
The larger point, moreover, is that if more Americans, including all our elected representatives, could learn and understand
The government is not above the people, but below it. "We the people" created this government; when it encroaches on our freedoms, it is our constitutional right and duty to encroach on its freedoms.
Yesterday, to the surprised angels in heaven and now to me, he showed a few tiny chips. The chips were the size of a dime
Ben Franklin, one of our nation's founding fathers, died 223 years ago today. Franklin wan't just a founding father, as
We all hold to our opinions because we believe them to be true. No one holds an opinion that they know to be false. Moreover, our opinions are hard fought and dearly won, thus we are typically loath to let them go.
Which leads me to one of the greatest minds of all -- Ben Franklin, who said: "There never was a good war, or a bad peace
The importance of the volunteers cannot be overstated. In particular, their familiarity with the quirks of Chicago's antiquated voting machines enabled confused voters to do what they had come to do.
No matter what side of the political aisle you are on, it's not hard to look around for evidence of the moral corruption that has gripped our country.
As the long hot summer ended, the delegates who had remained to hammer out the second American government were not entirely pleased with the product. Several major compromises had to occur before the document could be finalized.
Benjamin Franklin broke the silence. At 81, he was the oldest of the delegates and was quite frail. He rose slowly, with a cane planted in the ground by one hand and a lengthy speech held in the other.