Ben Gibbard

The singer-songwriter also looks back on the zeitgeist moment of his band.
It's a hell of a legacy. And it's a legacy worth celebrating, and enjoying, even if the Monkeemobile has made its last ride
There is also something about the old becoming new again for the audience. The mix is comforting, yet has that element of surprise.
Nelson reportedly sent Death Cab lead singer Ben Gibbard five demos of the band's songs, from which the frontman selected
The Postal Service is headed to the laundromat in their latest video, a gravity-defying clip set to "A Tattered Line of String
Jenny Lewis, lead singer of band Rilo Kiley, lived in the same apartment complex as Tamborello at the time, added vocals
Aussie rock band Longreef are back on the road in support of their latest EP Dirty Motel. The band recently shot a video for their second single "She Likes The Ladies," the song being a crowd favorite.
Gibbard continued to deny that a reunion would ever take place right up until news broke that they were, in fact, hitting
The Postal Service Auditions from Ben Gibbard A Sup Pop executive played by Jon Daly helps Tamborello hold open auditions
[via Pitchfork] The Postal Service's forthcoming reissue of "Give Up," the band's only album, will include two new tracks
Death Cab For Cutie frontman Benjamin "Ben" Gibbard released his first-ever solo album, Former Lives in October, and now
That Gibbard was telling reporters just last week that there are no plans for a new Postal Service album is perhaps a testament
Add Ben Gibbard to the ever-growing list of musicians and celebrities who are speaking out in favor of same-sex marriage
How did the Aimee Mann collaboration come together for this album, speaking of scenes cross-pollinating? Sure. And people
Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard is missing a certain someone this morning -- and no, it's not Zooey Deschanel. Last
Zooey Deschanel filed for divorce Wednesday, two months after separating from rocker husband Ben Gibbard, the lead singer
From its inception in the rain-saturated town of Bellingham, Wash., Death Cab for Cutie have been churning out indie pop
Ben Gibbard tells me about the making of Death Cab for Cutie's latest album, Codes And Keys. As the band starts recording, they start with the songs they all agree on and slowly, the record kind of shows itself to them in an organic process.