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Requests include barring reaction shots of the audience and ending "lighting rounds."
An expansion of online voter registration by the states to enhance both accuracy of the voter rolls and efficiency; Having
“The President’s expectation is clear,” Bauer said in a statement. “The Commission is charged with developing recommendations
Bauer, Obama's former White House counsel, successfully fought to force the state of Ohio to restore early voting for all
It is important to note that, while Coleman is Hypocrite-in-Chief of the Coleman campaign, he surrounds himself with like-minded hypocrites.
The former Senator's legal team hosted a conference call late Monday afternoon to announce their much-anticipated move. They
Why did Karl Rove's right-hand man and special assistant to George W. Bush, under Congressional investigation for felony vote caging, come to Alaska over 20 times last year?
A veteran of the nation's most famous recount has been quietly advising Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.), who is fighting a fierce
Over at U.S. News and World Report we got a a top staffer from each side in the recount struggle to watch the movie and react to it.