More intriguing, though, is the story line. There's no time spent in Rome. Judah isn't adopted by anyone. In a clever twist
Continuing an annual post-Labor Day tradition at the MovieFilm show, me and Brian reunite after a brief hiatus to look back
Ben-Hur By Gerry O., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 14 I did not exactly love the 2016 remake of the 1959 movie Ben-Hur, but
The remake of the 1959 epic cost a whopping $100 million to produce.
In this week's MovieFilm Podcast, we discuss a whole host of new and upcoming releases, including Zootopia, London Has Fallen
There is this clique of five justices - corporatists that the Greed System has managed to put onto the Court over the course
Wandering around the narrow, labyrinthine lanes of Jerusalem's Old City, past wall-to-wall shops selling everything from exquisite rugs to knock-off watches to world-class tchotchkes, it's easy to imagine what this spot must have looked like thousands of years ago.
Ben Affleck is Batman! Sean was missing for the biggest news out of Hollywood this week, but Brian and I still had plenty
MGM is reportedly set to remake a classic. According to, the studio has plans to develop its 1959 classic, "Ben
A moment's reflection will tell you that the standard Sunday school answer to the question "Why was Jesus crucified?" would have made little sense to those directly involved in the event itself.
Theater owners were banned from selling snacks during the run of Ben Hur, 1959 Best Picture. The movie was deemed to be too much of an artistic event to be denigrated by popcorn and candy.
When I asked Mr. Heston if he would like to attend President Nixon's funeral, his response was: "In what capacity?"